Ducking Away from Distractions

Ducking Away from Distractions – structured revision helps with Digital distractions

Digital distractions are one of the biggest barriers teens face when it comes to revising at home. And, to be fair, it’s something many adults struggle with nowadays, too- so we can empathise! When it comes to focussing on revision- and maximising revision time- your teen must learn to duck away from the devices. Perhaps it’s a good idea to switch ‘tempting’ devices off when your teen is revising… Depending on the relationship you have with your teen, accountability can be a good tactic. Some parents agree to sit with their teens whilst they revise- or work alongside their teens- but this all depends on your home dynamic and availability, of course.

This said we can’t blame technology alone for distractions! Distractions, as we all know, happen for a whole number of reasons: lack of motivation; boredom; getting started; thinking things are too hard- the list goes on. But one great way to support these issues is to sign your teen up to one of our revision courses. We provide sessions in English, Maths, Chemistry and Biology- core subjects for your teen.

Structured Revision Helps With Digital Distractions

Revision courses are ideal because, not only are they led by subject specialists, but all material covered is relevant and directly delivered to the SQA exams your teen will be taking. In addition to this, we find that students really excel at revision when they do this in a purposeful, guided atmosphere. And, from a social perspective, joining a course gives pupils the chance to work within peer groups and share the experience.

Sometimes, distractions are because of ‘normal life events.’ There might be parties or events or Christmas pantos your teen is planning to attend! And- with Festive frolics in full swing- your teen might say “I’ll do it tomorrow!”

We know that revision can be easy to delay and hard to begin.

Firstly, your teen needs to plan. To ace prelims, it’s going to be important to look ahead and use time wisely. You’ll know, for example, that Christmas Day and Boxing Day are going to be ‘struck off’ the revision list- and maybe New Year, too. Drawing up a timetable for the month of December and across the Christmas holidays is a good place to start.


However, whilst it can be a distracting time of year, we recommend getting your teen to devote intentional, timetabled hours to focus on revision, in advance of their prelim exams. This will give them a sense of balance, structure and confidence!

That’s why our Christmas Revision courses run over three specific days of the academic break. Our days are the 27th, 28th and 29th December, providing students with the perfect way to timetable intensive revision (without swamping the whole of the break.)

Finally, your teen may be ‘distracted’ by a hobby or something they love to do. Revision isn’t about eliminating all these things, and it’s certainly healthy for your child to keep doing things they enjoy. But an exam year IS all about creating a balance. For a successful year, your child will need to revise; they will need to structure and share their time out accordingly. So, when it comes to keeping distraction in check, you can support your child by helping them to time manage. This is a skill that will bode them well in the future, too!