Easter Revision School

Week long pre-exam National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Revision Course

We offer Support for National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher

Our Glasgow Easter Revision Courses are an excellent opportunity for students to accelerate their exam preparation

With the SQA exam period fast approaching, thorough revision is necessary. To achieve top grades in exams students, must revise during the Easter break. Despite their best intentions, it can be difficult for students to possess the willpower and discipline to work effectively during the holidays.

Glasgow Easter Revision Courses are led by a subject specialist, working with small groups of students, providing structure, revision materials, exam practice and support. Attending Easter school can help students achieve excellent examination results.


Week One Monday 6th April – Thursday 9th April 2020
Week Two Tuesday 14th April – Friday 17th April 2020

Easter Revision School 2020


The University of Strathclyde Business School
(SBS) Building
199 Cathedral Street
G4 0QU

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National 5 Courses
Higher Courses
Advanced Higher Courses

course structure and teachers

Easter revision courses take place over a four day period and consist of a daily tutorial session, each 2 hours in duration, and combine intensive revision with examination practice.

All of our tutors are experienced school teachers and many are also SQA markers and therefore offer a wealth of experience and knowledge of exam technique to our students. For each subject, the teachers have put together a course which covers the key areas that students need to concentrate on in preparation for their May exams.

Our courses allow students to speak directly with teachers, and to ask questions about their revision. We take students away from the distractions of the home and help them to plan and execute their revision in a focussed environment.


We’ve always had excellent feedback from our students. Not only do they tell us that they felt much more prepared for their exams, they also tell us that their confidence levels increased dramatically after attending the course.

We cover the following subject

  • National 5 Subjects: English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Business Management, Spanish nd French.
  • Higher Subjects: English, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Human Biology, Physics, Business Management, Modern Studies, Geography, Spanish and French.
  • Advanced Higher: Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

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Why choose Scholar Tutoring for Easter revision?

Scholar Tutoring has been supporting school students since 2003 by providing one to one private tuition ONLY Recommend Qualified Teachers, Who Are (GTC) General Teaching Council Registered and that have a PVG (Disclosure Scotland) to help with school subjects.

From 2011 we have offered revision courses that focus specifically on preparing students for SQA examinations.

Our team of highly experienced school teachers are expert at delivering intensive revision courses providing students with the best possible preparation in the lead up to their SQA examinations. Attending revision courses can provide students with up to 50 hours per subject of comprehensive tuition over the course of the academic year.

Scholar offers courses which focus specifically on students’ upcoming examinations. Our instructors are highly experienced in preparing students for their assessments and are very effective at delivering intensive revision courses.

Our students can select whichever subjects they wish to cover. Timetables for the course are tailored to the student’s individual subject requirements.


How can an Easter revision course help?

To be successful in summer exams, revising at Easter is very important. We know, however, that it’s difficult to conduct self-led learning during the school holidays. Attending an Easter revision course is an excellent way to get the ball rolling.


Not only do these courses focus students’ attention on revision, they also give them a structure to follow, while practising exam style questions. Easter revision courses have a significant positive impact on performance. Once students are firmly on the right path, they can make the best use of their evenings and weekends throughout the spring term.

What happens on an Easter revision course?

During a course, students can expect to conduct intensive study in a small group. They can expect their revision to be led by an experienced educator, and to finish the course amazed at how much content they’ve covered.


Not only do our courses provide students with lots of exam practice, they also give them valuable feedback on what the exam boards are looking for. This insight gives them a much more confident and guided approach to learning. By the end of the course, the wheels of revision will be in full motion, and students will find their summer term much less daunting, and easier to manage.

Aims of the courses

Our courses have very clear aims, which are as follows:

  • Give students confidence in their revision plan, and their ability to achieve their potential;
  • Develop students’ subject knowledge, and plug gaps in understanding;
  • Develop students’ exam techniques;
  • Develop students’ revision techniques;
  • Identify, and tackle development areas.

Got Questions

Please give us a call on 0141 280 2521 or message us. 

WORDS From students and parents

  • The way we covered the whole course in a few days was helpful with the assistance of tutors / teachers.

    Logan Easter School 2015
  • I liked how the course was handled - we covered everything in-depth, but still at a quick pace.

    Lucy Easter School 2017
  • The approach used to tutor us with the use of PowerPoints was very useful. The questions and answers books are also good for revision

    Emilie Easter School 2017
  • I enjoyed the in-depth explanations of certain aspects of the course.

    Anjali Easter School
  • Very helpful, went over a lot of the course and quickly covered everything I was worried about, was asked what we wanted to go over and got to take home PowerPoint on USB.

    Zoe Easter School 2017
  • Very concise and concentrated learning. A good revision of everything. Also, small classes felt like there was more attention from the teacher.

    Isabella Easter School 2017
  • I love the way things were described (especially in Chemistry). The teachers were all enthusiastic about teaching their subject which helped a lot because my teachers at school aren't like that.

    Eilidh Easter School 2017
  • Good teachers, learnt a lot, nice class.

  • Very helpful teachers, willing to answer any questions, concise and informative teaching.

  • The material handed out are excellent and not too simplistic which is great. The key areas covered really hit the nail on head with regards to where students struggle most. I left feeling I could achieve a much higher RUAE.

    Nikki Easter School
  • The teachers enhanced my understanding of how to answer questions better.

  • It helped me to understand the questions better and feel more confident.

    Janice Easter School 2017
  • We went over every aspect of the RUAE paper in-depth

    Niamh Easter School 2017
  • The location was easy to access from the train station. I obtained assistance with work and explanations.

    Alexander Easter School 2017
  • Helped improve understanding and how to tackle exam style questions.

    Emily Easter School 2017
  • Good way to revision, teacher was helpful.

    Ewan Easter School 2017
  • Gives good resources and information and teacher is very good/informative. Also, gives an idea of what places you are comfortable with or need to work on.

    Garie Easter School 2017
  • Going over all the units again aided my understand more clearly.

    Sophie Easter 2017
  • Chemistry and Maths tutors were very helpful with the use of technology to understand difficult subjects

    Victora Easter school 2017
  • It helped out with my knowledge, did more here that I would have done at home.

    Beth Revision 2017

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