Unit in a Day Revision

Six Weeks of Saturday revision classes starting 27th January

For a student to succeed in their exams, revision is key.

We offer Support for National 5 Higher and Advanced higher, this course is open to S3, S4, S5 and S6 pupils.

Our UNIT revision courses are a fantastic way to kick start your revision prior to the onset of examinations.

As we know, the early bird catches the worm and exam preparation is no exception. Students who start revising early are much more likely to get the results they want. However, while the school term is still ongoing, effective revision is no mean feat.

Regular homework takes up valuable time in the evenings trying to revise as well can add great deal of pressure.

A much better way to tackle this workload is to book onto a dedicated revision course. Attending our Unit in a Day revision course is an excellent way for students to kick-start their exam revision and to start their journey to success.

Whether a young person is sitting National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher the start of any new course can be challenging for students.

Scholar Tutoring is offering half day revision courses which focus on the units that your child has been taught since returning to school after the summer break.

By attending high-quality revision courses throughout the academic year, our students improve their chances of attaining their target grades.

Glasgow Christmas Prelim Revision Courses


The Grand Central Hotel:
99 Gordon Street
G1 3SF

We are offering a short, intensive 3-hour revision course where students work in small classes led by an experienced subject specialist, helping students increase their knowledge and understanding by reinforcing key concepts and practising exam style questions, allowing them to move forward with confidence.

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