Join our Weekly Glasgow Study Groups

We run weekly National 5 and Higher Maths, English, Chemistry and Biology Classes

Glasgow based weekly English, Maths, Chemistry and Biology National 5 & Higher study groups

We are running weekly revision courses Glasgow South and Glasgow West End.
Each subject is 1 hour per week for an eight-week block starting September 2017 and January 2018 Students who wish to achieve top grades in examinations need to regularly study each subject, each week, throughout the school year.

Despite their best intentions, some students struggle to study effectively on their own. They do not know what to study or indeed how to study. This can cause the pupil to lose confidence, and it can be challenging for parents to know how to support their child in this situation. By joining a study group, your child will be supported on a weekly basis throughout the school academic year. Any issues that may arise will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

As a member of this study group, each pupil will learn the content of the national 5 or higher courses as they go through the course. The weekly group tutorials will focus on how to answer exam type questions and also teach pupils how to study effectively. By learning how to study effectively, each student can put these study strategies in place for their other subjects. This also leads to high levels of pupil confidence and motivation.

This Revision Course is a weekly comprehensive course of tuition, revision and exam practice in an environment geared towards concentrated study, away from all distractions.

Duration: 4 blocks of 8 weeks.
Cost : £200 per block, per subject


Small class size
• Run until March 2018
• Class every Week
• Weekly homework given
• Personalised study skills and study timetables for all students
• Ace your important National 5 & Higher prelims and exams
• All our tutors are currently school teachers and some of our tutors are SQA markers
• Weekly homework given
• All tutors are Enhanced Disclosure

Weekly Study Groups

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