Glasgow City

At Scholar Tutoring, we have a professional team of tutors that are ready to provide the following services in Glasgow City Centre

Glasgow has the mixed blessing of having one of the best performing school in Scotland, and the some of the worst performing schools, were many students will leave without a single Higher to their name. We know that students at both ends of this spectrum, and throughout the middle can need extra help. Those attending the prestigious schools that get up to 75% of students leaving with 5 Highers can feel under pressure to perform in a high pressure classroom, and can easily fall behind peers that may be having extra help outside the classroom, whilst students in the worst performing schools are being let down by the system, but you can help. Additional support outside the classroom can allow them to learn and make up for deficiencies within the school, where teachers may be struggling with factors other than teaching and learning. If your child is still at primary school it’s well worth thinking about helping them to raise their achievement now to help them obtain a place at a better school, or to start supporting their learning before they reach the high pressure environment of high school. Contact us now to book your child a place with a dedicated tutor.

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Last updated: May 21, 2017 at 10:39 am